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Reach Out Counselling is an organisation that is passionate about growth, helping, and equipping people to succeed in their lives, in areas of work, family, and their overall mental health. 

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How Therapy Works For You

We are here to help you when you want to change something in your life, or to simply explore your thoughts and feelings in more depth.

Going to a group counselling session can be helpful if you want to discuss your issues with people who are going through similar problems and you may even gain yourself a support network

Talking about things gives them shape

Helps navigate solutions to problems

Helps you deal with future curveballs

You know you are not alone

You will not have to self medicate

Helps address past traumas

Addictions, Illness, bereavement, bullying, marriage, relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety etc. 




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The strategies and tools I get from Reach Out on how to deal with anxiety & depression are life-changing. I have learned that the tools work if you work at it".
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