Debunking myths about counseling

Re-brand Mental Health

Myth: Counselling is only for sick people and mental problems.

Fact: “Counsellors are not only for mental illness. They also help people work through everyday problems like relationship issues, sadness, grief, and career transitions.”


Myth: People will assume there is something wrong with you if you seek counselling.

Fact: Counsellors help people work through many life circumstances, and they welcome all clients. Counsellors hold a non-judgmental space in which clients are encouraged to be open, honest about their situations so that counsellors can gain a full understanding of what is going on, and how they can best help.


Myth: Men are not in touch with their feelings and will not benefit from counselling.

Fact: Both men and women can benefit from counselling. While it is true that women seek counselling more often than men do, the amount of men seeking services has increased over the years, suggesting that men are becoming more open to counselling.

Myth: Counselling is a quick fix for all your problems.

Fact: There are no quick fixes when it comes to mental health. Strengthening your brain through counselling is like strengthening your body through exercise. It takes time, practice, patience, and persistence.

Let us continue to work towards re-branding mental health from the negative to the positive narrative.

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